je me sense coco

And, here, my outfit of yesterday, my vision on chanel with a completely black and white outfit, a hat and some pearls. Viewed in the bushbush area, which makes the black/white stand out even more.
When going outdoors I added a black blazer and my white'ngold little vintage bag.

skirt, tube DIY, shirt Turnover (vintage), kneehighs, oxfords, hat H&M, pearls vintage

i want to be forever young

Uploading these pics, I realize that I've posted an outfit with this tunic already not so long ago. But right after I realized that I immediately realized (okay I can't stop realizing today) that this is just fine because I love this tunic so much, I can't stop wanting to wear it in all kinds of different ways.
I've been really influenced by animal prints, accesoiries, and all kinds of that lately. Leopard print, wood, parrots, suede, it's great to stay close to your nature, right?
Love it anyway.

Outfit post of what I wore yesterday coming up later today!

tunic topshop, bangles H&M/Bijenkorf, parrot brooch vintage, sandals Van Haren

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with a boy and a girl and a huh and a game

Okay today was a really traumatizing day. My wallet was stolen! It happened in a busy store and I was so frustrated, wanted to hit anyone for taking my money but I couldn't ofcourse. Now I lost 45 euros. Dearest friend Laura let me borrow money from her so our shoppingspree wouldn't be entirely screwed up, she's the besttt.

And now about my purchases; because doesn't everyone just desperately long for a kitch parrot tee with golden sequins? Well, I do and I fulfilled my craving a H&M, haha. Also got those very cool golden-wood (and also a black one with gold on it, but I left that one at home) bangles, and those LOVELY fringe sandals. Actually I was planning on getting the infamous Van Haren fringesandals, but than I spotted these and they were even better! (more fringe/more suede/more material on my foot=more happy me)
My lil' brother had the honour to photograph me today while we were getting an icecream, this time with my money very safe locked up and me making sure no one was grabbing it...

parrot tee, bangles H&M, leopard bangle Bijenkorf, fringe sandals Van Haren, bag, watch vintage


and every morning, i celebrate

Made this very fake fake Chanel N5 tee last weekend, love DIY'ing! And, as you can see, I discovered how to post big pictures. Hope they're not too big ;)
I'm sooo tired now, tomorrow I have a test in history so I guess it's gonna be sleeping with my book tonight.. After my test some school and then to the city with my beloved bf! And tomorrow night I'm going to see Coco avant Chanel with bf and Carlijn from The place to be. Can't wait for weekend!

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i see it in his eyes yeah that he's got a nasty plan i hope you're not involved at all

So, I wore my dad's hat today, haha. I'm thinking about taking sewing classes next year, I think it'd be fun to get handy with a sewing machine and make everything you want. We don't have a sewing machine at home, but maybe I can borrow it from my grandma or something.
I'd also like photography classes and of course I'm not giving up on my theatre lessons, gosh I'm so cultural (ugh)

Above my and my dearest friend J doing some kinda dance thing (we're a bit nuts)
Oh and I think I'm gonna stud my minnetonka's, just have to find out where to get studs. Does anyone know?

denim legging, studded belt, lumberman's shirt Topshop, tunic, hat H&M, shoes converse

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never let it snap two for my seconds

Okay keep me to my word: not changing the header in at least 1 month now, I promise.

I made pictures with my girll (check her blog The place to be!!) after school today and I went crazy about her mothers camera, was trying out everything and I loved it haha. Now I know what I want for my birthday ;)

boyfriend jeans H&M, heels H&M, scarf in a bow as belt vintage, Vneck tee American Apparel


i'm in love with a fairytale

Me being inspired by Africa, I'm going there in 2.5 months for summer holidays!
tank H&M trend, skirt DIY, sandals, headbands H&M, bracelet somewhere in South-Africa (mom took it en I made a bracelet of it), paperclip with beads on it DIY

EDIT: sorryguys you're just gonna have to get used to me changing the header every week I can't help it.



Why do all the pictures you upload on Blogger become so small? IRL they are much sharper, does anyone know why this is or if I'm doing something wrong?

Anyway, I did some cleaning up on my room today. Finally hung up my Paris poster! On I shredded out some beautiful pictures out of ELLE and ELLEgirl editorials, hung up the cover from the Beatles' Abbey Road (yeah it's the real thing! me proud haha) and laid down some wonderful blue satin sheets on my bed.

Also added some rock'nroll to this skirt, which I love, but think is a little bit too old-lady-like.
skirt, necklace, tee H&M, studded belt as a bracelet Topshop, legging DIY
ps. and you may have noticed that I've been playing around with the header (and also the rest of the lay-out) for quite a time, but I think I'll stick with this lovely picture now (Olivia, Whitney and Erin's shoes- what could be better).


somewhere far along this road

Went to H&M today just to get kneehighs, great spending of your day. Just had to have them after I saw that picture of Carrie in SATC the movie wearing them. This outfit is quite SATC-like to me (and looked great with my pink trenchcoat!). It's cool to inspire outfits on movies or TV series where the dressing is amazing.

These stockings are not sooo high and also quite thin so they're summer kneehighs I guess, haha. Also got a rail for my amazing Paris poster (I'll show it later!).

BTW, the outfit could go well with my new oxfords too, but I'm staying away from heels for a couple of days. My parents keep on nagging about how bad they are for your back and stuff (and I still have to grow). Well, making outfits without using heels could be turned into an inspiring challenge, I guess. Heels add this sexy chic thing into your outfit and when you don't wear them, you must get this addition from something else.

dress, sandals, kneehighs H&M, brooch ?


they seek him here, they seek him there

My party yesterday night was crazy, hilarious and lots of fun. Tonight I'll crash down on my bed like a broken plane but for now the sleep deprivation doesn't bother me that much, so I take advantage of that haha.

I noticed today that I own 2 pairs of black leggings, so I decided to DIY one of them. Wanted to make small rips in them, but I didn't know it would turn out like round holes. But I like it anyway.

And yay yay dubble yay my new heels/oxfords came in today, they're so rediciously perfect.
And they're black, which is a pro, black matches with everything but if pretty, doesn't bore. My mum was happier about these than about my purple plateau heels so I can wear these without argues about heel height haha.
tunic Topshop, legging DIY

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oxfords H&M (marktplaats)


swedish spare time

Today is a don'tdoanythingday, so I'm wearing jeggings and my beloved 'garbage bag', who are in comfort quite equal to pyjamas. I'm heading off to a good friend in a few hours to celebrate his birthday, he throws this little party. We made & bought him amazing presents (I'm even DIY'ing birthday gifts now - one day you'll find me DIY'ing a house or something. Quite a good idea actually). I'll post pictures when we make!
denim legging Topshop, 'dress' Nümph, shoes Superga

1. OK go - This will be our year
2. Kate Voegele - Monday rain
3. Lykke li - Let it fall
4. The Beatles - Hello Goodbye
5. Little boots - New in town



Ever since I first saw this amazing Ray Ban ad, it's been screaming to me like "OH MY GOD , YOU JUST GÓT TO GET YOURSELF SOME HEAVYCOLORED WAYFARERS". (It's saying it by the words COLORIZE and NEVER HIDE - those words sound like great plans)
And I kind of like what it screams, so friday (when me & bf are going on a vintage/nonvintage shopping trip in the cityy and get ourselves everything we want- we both got money, oh what a wonderful feeling is that) I'll look for it here and there and hopefully I come home with a pair of red, purple, pink, green, blue or two-colored Wayfarers (well, fake ofcourse, I'm not thát rich).

I'd also like some Jackie O- sort of glasses, maybe black, brown, colorized; not sure yet.

And I really want a cute jumpsuit - all of these are just a little bit out of my league, but I'll find one that looks like it .. hopefully.
anna sui, see by chloe, rebecca taylor, alldressedup, anna sui, chloe, zimmerman, diane von furstenberg (all from netaporter)

Also looking for cute shorts, the right one here is actually perfect- poffy, black, with a bow. The left one is just very pretty. Want them both. Unfortunately the brands are chloe, vivienne westwood. Grmbl.
And at last (yeah, after this one I'm really done): my latest obsession are those little shiny things called SEQUIN, giving your outfit that kinda disco glittery loveable addition, I'm fond of it.
This is a beret. Yes, a beret. Okay that was just a bad joke. I do love the sequins though.

- goodbye my darlings and thanks for listening to my long-ass story of wantings & needs. Though it maybe wasn;t that long it took me 25 years to upload all of these pictures so give it up for me haha


you and I manhattan from the sky

Okay you don't have to tell me that I can't make outfitpictures at all, I get it hahah.

Today was a relaxed day, tomorrow a bit of school, and Thursday the birthday party of a good friend of mine! I'm looking forward to thattt.

Today in the city (while getting him a present) bought a basic grey tee and transfer paper, I'm thinking about DIY'ing this Stella McCartney print on it (from her summer 09 Capsule collection), print by Peter Blake. Well I don't wanna REMAKE it (that would be pretty difficult seen that this >>>
is white, and my tee is (light)grey), but it's about the clouds, the ambiance, the featherlight feeling of the shirt, because that's what I like about it.
OK I'm just twaddling right now. Sorry for it =']

blouse, denim legging, studded belt Topshop, blazer H&M, minnetonka's divino

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