23th April was a day I, and all female inhabitants of the city of Utrecht, have been waiting for for a very, very, long time. In our lovely town had namely everything it needed, except for one thing. Every out-of-towner wondered how it was possible. (every in-towner too)
WHY oh WHY didn't Utrecht have a ZARA?
Didn't, indeed. Because this very spring friday, at 10.00 am, a new era began.
And ofcourse this changing of epochs did not happen without some spending!

jumpsuit zara, bangles new look, watch vintage, hair clip six




Spring has soooooo much begon.. gorgeous weekend of shopping (for a friend! we bought him laced vans (and I spotted THE cutest mint-green lacies) and a striped shirt with a pocket! the ultimate shirt for a boy, doesn't look bad on girls either of course), going out, theatre class (performance on May 1st! can't wait), watching movies with my family and getting icecream with my little brother, sitting in the sun, reading ELLE.. I'd kind of, give my right arm to do this the rest of my life.

dress Bijenkorf, stockings H&M, shoes New Look


They say if it doesn't kill you it'll make you stronger

Thursday, 12.35. HEMA. Two girls, on a cute little table with a 2 meter trace of ice coffee to it (the guy who ALWAYS works there; we call him Jesus, because he wears his hair like he hangs on a cross! no disrespect to believers; had like, extremely overdone one, there was a huge dung on mine therefrom the trace. ofcourse we don't spill in public places...) eating a minipizza, sipping that exact ice coffee which had caused those pretty droplets. One of them, suddenly, takes something out of her bag. It's a garment. It's black. It comes out of the blue. It's a three-quarters arm blazer! Then she gets a little box from her bag, which says Fisherman's Friends. Is she just freshing her breath and dressing a little more formal?
NO. She's not. Out of the box, she conjures forth a needle, a little spill with black thread on it, a cute little scissor, and a golden button. Doesn't the three-quarters arm blazer already have a button? It has. Do you want to know what color it is? No, you don't (black).
Some proceedings, that will not be named, take place.
The result as shown.

dress/blazer h&m, shoes sacha



my brother's creativity is reaching unknown heights; what about photographing every piece of a sister one at a time? i say, dude, genius you are. i'll defenitely dedicate a decoration on the easter eggs to you like yesss!

denim blouse zara, skirt/tank/tights h&m, sequin thing fourniture shop, shoes converse