last week I went on dinner with some friends of mine. It was lovely.

Here some pictures:

At J's place, before we went to the restaurant. Actually her face is too pretty to be swapped of the picture, but I think she'd prefer anonymity. Not really a stunning outfit, but I was wearing: jeans gstar, grey top estici, black cardigan h&m, silver necklace with a snowman on it (thought it would be nice, seen the temperature)

I had this lovely pizza, with all kinds of groceries on it (I know it sounds a bit odd, but it was really delicious)


santa claus is coming to town ..

.. and he needs a wishlist.
This winter's treasures:

1. Classic short chocolate UGG's (already ordered them, they're coming at the end of december. can't wait!)
2. Pair of the perfect black pumps, for christmas Eve and my newyear's prom
3. Big warm connected scarf (scarf with no end)
4. Loooots of pretty dresses, tops, sweaters etc. but expecially money so I can buy them myself in London!

Yes, you read it, I'm going to London with my mum. Our plane leaves this little country on december 21 and we're returning december 24. 2 full days of shopping in the most amazing town in the world, i'm so lucky. I'm already like daily checking topshop.com and also can't wait to visit Primark, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters etc.
My closet really needs to be fuller, 'cause last weekend I selected the clothes I really wear and turned out that it's not quite a big wardrobe. I will be different soon!