After an always chaotic, but hilarious queensnight and waking up with red-wite-blue flags on my cheek at a civil time (somewhere around noon), I decided to explore the great orange city instead of lingering in my neighbourhood, like every year- youth traditions.
Excessively crowded and noisy, but a blissful day to crash at a café and just watch people drinking beer under the guise of nationalism, while restoring the energy that got lost by dancing all night.
But there comes a point where even watching gets too much for your day-after mood and you just bike to your quarter's schoolyward and remind yourself what you once did on this day.



On one of the less terribly hot nights, with a patch on each arm, I went outside wearing this simple outfit yet very me. Vaccinations against typhoid flowing through my veins and so excited about going to China in 5 days- our 13-hour flight leaves on Saturday- I completely neglected you guys. Seriously- why does in the summer every day passes like it's an hour or something? Not that I'm complaining. Some rest, space and time for myself was exactly what I needed, but I found that out only when I got it haha! Ofcourse we did celebrate the world championship final last sunday. It doesn't really matter that we didn't win (properly) to me, it's such joy when everyone is wearing the same color (even though it's extremely ugly) and cheers at eachother.
Now I'm gonna enjoy SATC season 3- I downloaded it and it's good quality! Wonder what I've done do get myself this karma.

dress AA, anchor ring River Island, other rings/stockings/stringbowthing H&M, shoes little shop in Canterbury, England



Job and Bob looking total Dutch in their Cambridge tshirts

Our guide at the King's Chapel - I felt he deserved a picture, haha. We also visited the Evensong from the King's Choir- total angels voices
James caught enjoying some Bits (his very own haha) way in front of the Ashmolian museum, Cambridge

Typical London street image

This MUST look remarkable, if you have had any cultural education. This Oxford college garden is seen in Harry Potter 4, the scene where Malfidus is being transformed into a ferret!

Demonstration against the use of animals for science in Oxford. This man was looking so dead angry at me after he saw me photographing him- I better utilize it, otherwise this near-dead experience has all been for nothing

In Oxford, there was this ceremony going on for the graduates of this year! Quite impressive, all these gowns at 30C haha

Yellow jackets are really a big thing right now in England! You see it eeeeverywhere. Don't these people look just overexcited wearing them?

In the Sutton morninglight with our host mom! - with littlepittle eyes due to way to little sleep for three nights haha

In London was this sick streetdance act going on! Amaaaaazing dancers

Aaahhhh our trip to England was amazing! We visited Oxford, Cambridge and London. Those universities were lovely. Such a mindblowing atmosphere.. you immediately consider working a little bit harder at school, haha. We slept at a host family, which was kind of terrible seen the space we got four the four of us (about 2 square ft haha), but I really loved diving in another society just like that. Our host mom was a darling! All the English people we talked to said we Dutchies speak excellent English, so funny to hear. I'd looove to go to college for a year in England somewhere (alone the Starbucks everywhere already pulls me).
Ofcourse I did some diehard shopping over there (needed another bag on the way back). I'll show my new catches to you sooon!
And atm I'm enjoying freedom, youth and my friends more than ever. On the 17th of July I'm going to China, so excitedddddd!



I'm off to England! Tomorrow at 7 pm (the person who made this up must have had some very violent ideas about how much rest teenagers should get) a bus is leaving and up until Saturday I'll be wandering around in Oxford, Cambridge and - last best - LONDON. Caaan't wait, due to an extreme overload of school the last weeks I haven't been able to shop in like a century. My shopping gene is very much screaming by now. I'll see you guys in 5 days!
And I've been wanting glasses like these like, since I was a baby? They're 100% fake and cost 6 euros.

skirt h&mtrend, shoes/stockings h&m, necklace (it's a snake!) DIY, tank AA, glasses -some trashy store



My last post on this big, large, huge, enormous, immense, incredibly unmeasurable bulky computer. Last Thursday was my birthday. Though in the middle of testweek, we still managed to create an inbetween-coffeepause with an iced latte at Brandmeesters. At night I invited some friends, and we had delicioussss wok food. (it's practically fastfood, but I LOVE wok to go, haha)
Some pictures of my sofa (kind of turned into my bed: I fell asleep while learning all the time, and got a little used to it haha) with my big bday gift: a laptop! Also shown on the pictures; iPod docking system pigstyle! Laura and I got it for our sweet 16 party. Has become a necessity of life and VIP guest to yet-to-plan parties; within a radius of 10km you can still hear the music, my neighbours love it! cough
And yes. I like pink.



Pictures are made in a very dusty soccerfield near my house! I won this little pistol on the fair one year ago, haha. I've had it on a necklace for some time, and when I was craving for some fashionology jewelry the other night (yeah one of the loads of nights I was doing this actually), suddenly this pistol shoot through my mind! Ha-haaaaaaaa

sweater AA, pistol necklace DIY, legging h&m, shoes converse

P.S. yeahhhh check me out being all orange/footballfan/enthusiastic/musical! Which I'm not (all the four of them). I've been terrorised with this disgusting orange horn thing for over 5 days now. I really feel the tendency to flush it down the toilet by now. Too bad but it doesnt fit.



oooooh I love this adidas tshirt! I bought it in Berlin about a month ago, and it's sooo adorable. and oh I adore how it can be combined in a million ways! and these hareem pants. I wear them all the time. they're like pyjamas. like a very soft blanket, wrapped around your legs in the very most comfortable way. like swimming in a million pillows. I might go a little far right now, but it's testweek, after cafeine is stress the main element in my veins. honestly- I think I stress more than I breathe.
however! you see me sitting here in a very green, very dutch meadow. (I don't just sit there for fun! we were on family weekend with my grandpa, who meanwhile is so old that his hair shines from greyness) Holland can be beautiful.. but only when the sun shines haha.

bday in 3 days! mom, dad, if you read this: I'd very like some 16-yearold breakfast on the 17th! (and maybe with a little this and some JC candy .. maybe, like .. please?????)

tshirt adidas, pants selected femme, shoes h&m



aaaaaaaaaaaargh school is driving me crazy! in one week we're done, but for now, some schoolspirit and diehard studying! some very glimmery glimmer on the horizon though: 17th of June, this little girl finally turns 16! my sweet 16 was already held (a month before haha) but still! 16, it's basically mature.. well, at least you're able to buy them unhealthy enjoyments (this must means something in maturity, right?)
anyway, the day after my birthday, big freedom begins, and on the 21th I'm leaving for England (Oxford, Cambridge, London) with school and together with these two darlings!

shorts/tee AA, leather gilet only, boots/knee socks new look



i can't handle flowers hahaha

and godiegosh i want to wear little sockies everyday

because, well, look at them

dress h&m child dep (thanks to fashionfriend Lisanne haha!), braid DIY, socks accesorize, shoes new look



YESH! As you see, new header, new layout (still under construction! I'm never satisfied when I start renovating) and this picture, just because I had never posted it before! You join an innocent school sailing camp, and what do you get? MUDFLATS. Right. And yet we still managed to keep our denims clean!