there goes the wintertrain, see it flashing by

trenchcoat united colors of benetton, circle scarf h&m childrens dep, hat topshop



picture: lil' brother



dress H&M, leopard stockings vintage, bangles H&M-africa, necklaces accesoirize, converse



let's say, best way to start your weekend? Carlijn and I doing the macchiato cappuccino @ Utrecht Centraal.


1. A fine frenzy - New heights
2. Laura Jansen - Use somebody
3. Twarres - Ladybird
4. Plain white T's - 1234
5. Destine - Stars
6. Laurent Wolf - No stress
7. Snow patrol - Chasing cars

just to let you guys know

i'm not dead! i really want to start blogging again and i will, in this week i'll defenitely come with new posts and i'm so inspired again. i've just had a crazy busy time. but i'm not gone and i didn't quit blogging :)
top h&m trend, hat somewhere in South Africa (knitted by Melitai - that's all I know) necklaces Accesoirize