no nothing but clothes

I kinda suddenly realize how often I've been wearing my minnetonka's lately. But it's okay, shoes need to be worn ;) though I also should use the rest of my shoe closet, otherwise it'd be a shame.

--dress H&M, lace top (under dress) kyra&co, cardigan H&M, denim legging Topshop, belt French Connection, kneesocks H&M child department, bracelets someone on Ellegirl, minnetonka's divino

oh, I always know what time it is

Picture from yesterday. My camera was acting really weird and the batteries were empty after 2 pictures, so only this photo. I loooove this watch!

--watch, grandma's, bracelet, someone on Ellegirl


carry that weight

Outfit from Thursday, last week. Picture is made today and both my hair and face look like total shit so don't mind it please

Ooohh how much I love chain:

--dress Ichi, cardigan Zara, stocking stolen from mum's closet, chain flats Topshop, necklace grandma's

Today I'm not really feeling like dressing up, I feel like lazy sundays so wearing AA V-shirt and blue skirt.


only overjoyed

Listening this song over and over again, I love the Ting Tings.

The wind was blowing and I also wanted to show you this action picture (on the left) heheh

-- top Topshop, cardigan H&M, stocking mum's closet, minnetonka's divino


shorts shorts shorts

Ooooooooh Topshop is great and I'm really feeling like wearing these shorts on a bright sunny day with big sunglasses on my nose. Especially those high-waisted ones really give that old-Hollywood feeling.

Too bad the weather doesn't really agree.

everything topshop


Please mr. Postman

Bluh wet weather. Wearing new topshop dress today! I looove the drapery of it. I feel little bit like a Greek goddess when I wear it, and when I swing around this whole pink rush swings with me, I love pink rushes.

--dress Topshop, cardigan H&M, maillot primark, necklace present from Sevilla (Spanish city), boots Jonak (little store in Paris)


I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello

YAY Topshop came in today! Love that denim legging it's sooo comfortable and I adore wearing it, it just makes me feel good. Have always considered this sweater (bought in London in december) as a real winter thing, but the tempature these months is a lot more bareable so when I wear my legging with it, it's not thát 'I feel crap and I freeze so I wear sweaters' like.

-- sweater Topshop, legging Topshop, necklace H&M, shoes converse


ob-la-di ob-la-da

I like the crazyness about this collection, the 'Alice in wonderland' thing about it.

agatha ruiz de la prada a/w '09

and your bird can sing

Thinking about ironing one of these amazing Vogue covers on a tee. only problem is, I don't know which one to choose.. what do you think?

France, september 2007

UK, september 2006

Japan, october 2008

France, september 2008


day tripper

yesterday I went out cycling. no outfit picture, unfortunately, but I have made some other pics.


maybe i'm amazed


Don't mind my head svp.
& detail top:

& detail shot of mint-colored headband (just love that color)

--top H&M, cardigan Zara, jeans mygod, shoes converse. headband H&M

lovely breakfast

--breakfast tray & spoon, ZININ


2 days no post! Sorry for that, was busy.
Yesterday I went to the cinema for Slumdog Millionaire. What an amazing movie, seriously. I must say I was totally overwhelmed.

check out this little scene from the movie (with M.I.A. & AR Rahman music, oeh I love M.I.A.)



featuring more headbands:

&detail necklace:

-- tunic H&M, cardigan Zara, jeans gstar, necklace me, thing on my necklace grandma's, belt daddy, headbands H&M, pink ribbon don;tknowwherefrom, minnetonka's divino

headbands bought in the city too, yesterday. I was also looking for a blazer at H&M, but only size 42 was left (I tried it on and it looked ridiculous heheh), so I have to check the store a few more times. It was quite a dull school day. I can't wait till next week, when tuesday or wednesday when I come home (ofcourse NOT expecting anything) my Topshop order will be there and I can try everything on.

Enjoy your mid-week evening!

sometimes it's all you need to wear



Bought this afternoon; headband, H&M


birthday kid

My little brother turned 12, so the room was decorated, heheh

-- top H&M pink label, jeans mygod, cardigan H&M

oh sunny day

Outfit this weekend!
-- cardigan topshop, top H&M, jeans gstar, pumps cheapstore


biggest delight

Ah! Weekend! Today was a nice day. Special thanks to

this little friend.


oh, I wish I was a lumberman

Crappy outfit picture with very little light, but however. Outfit from february holidays.

-- lumberjacks blouse topshop, jeans only, shoes H&M, watch grandma's, little golden necklace H&M

new elle & first spring flowers


wonderful world

Today was a very beautiful day, sun shining, we even went outside in lunch break.

This is the outfit I wore like, two weeks ago. It was in the holidays and I had a great day, spent it listening to Beatles-music and watching odd tv-shows.

--dress Ichi, cardigan H&M, necklace pieces, maillot primark, pumps cheap store.


rue du chevalier de la barre

Paris is the most beautiful place in the world.

craving for

Chain is big for S/S '09. Just got to have these.

-- flats, topshop