Blogger obviously doesn't like me: I had prepared a few posts for my absence but none of them worked brhfd. So some making up is coming!
The lighting was kinda strange in these pictures, but I liked it.
boyfriend jean Topshop, sheer tee + heels H&M, denim bracelet DIY, hat men's dep



AWAY NOW! Going sailing & windsurfing with the whole 3rd year. 150 kids + a windy lake and sailing boats, 5 days long. I have prepared some posts for the next days!
Click for music. Love & live!
photos by me



Mwuha introducing my dearest girlfriends, first time them 'altogether' in 1 post on this blog! The pics are from my birthday short time ago, few of the first photos taken with my 300D- cute night of hanging out with the girls, laughing and enjoying my present. Was wearing my N5 Chanel tee.

photos i'm not on taken by me, others by Carlijn
girl in the lumberman: Carlijn. girl hugged by Carlijn: Josien. girl next to me on the first picture: Laura.



I'M FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, so here just a little picture of today (another brick one, no time to go shooting), being nautical with red accents- after our final test we went to the pool and it was loveable, I'll post my bikini later! This weekend I'll finally have space to BREATH because my room isn't bombed with schoolbooks anymore (thinking of ritually burning my school notebooks haha). NEVER EVER chemistry again! (though I did like the labaratorium glasses, but you could also wear those after school.)
Have an amazing weekend all of you and I hope you're released too!
-and check outt this sotd I am pretty much in love with it.

jumpsuit River Island, wayfarer & hair pin vintage, shoes converse



Just this pic for now, later on outfit etc.. way too busy with HISTORY HISTORY. Yes, such a nerd I am- goodbye peeps!



New sunglasses, bought among with some other stuff today- shown later. Studying needs to take some serious time now, so I'm off- first getting some icecream with family and than all night learning learning.. hope all of you do have a nice eve! (Edit: I kinda scratched my own nose, as you can see, haha)

sunglasses vintage



Pretty, pretty, prettier.. want these!
rings from H&M, Topshop



Seriously want to get out, break free and feel the summer- so much school sucks big time.
photos by me


coin the jukebox

I honestly hate testweek, I want to do thousands of things and I'm friggin' inspired and I just want to spend the day sunbathing, hanging out, sewing, blogging, listening music, shopping, looking forward to Africa..
But, since I'm here pretending to be learning, I just dream about living like that right now and because of that, not learning a thing.
Anyway, I shouldn't bore you guys with shit like that, so here the result of sitting home and not starting sewing because of having to learn but still trying things out: sequin band on a bodycon skirt.
And Friday eve I ordered this Topshop boyfriend jean, I just pray it'll fit right!
skirt DIY, sequin band fourniture shop, pocket tank H&M trend


swerve out of control

Always a lovely moment, when you wear your new shoes for the first time.. friends asking 'gossh are those new?' and you say, grinning, 'yeahh just bought!'. I couldn't resist doing some (anti-stress? testweek coming up, aargh) shopping yesterday to get these beauties, not to mention I really needed them! And I already own this pocket tank in mint color, but I am so fond of pockets on tanks! So when I spotted this one I was like, why not.. I'm fifteen now, so I could at least reward myself for that big moment in my life, right?
I just got this camera so I haven't really found out all of the features yet, still suck at them. So don't mind the pictures not being perfectly set pleaase.

jeans Diesel, pocket tank H&M trend, bangles H&M, shoes van Haren


it's my party and i cry if i want to

Birthday post, featuring my new big big love! How much better could it be? Not much I guess.. I owe you much more pics, but those are coming up later. For now, just some mirror pics + outfit. Enjoy the rest of your Thursday eve!
BTW: just found out that Jimmy Choo will be the next H&M guest designer! What an amazing bday present.

sequin dress+ blazer H&M, denim cutoffs+ sequin headband DIY, converse


bringing white bright showtime

Yaaaaaayy tomorrow tomorrow. I'm hoping on this so I don't need to use this anymore. Gosh I wanttt so bad! Some girlfriends and family are coming over in the afternoon, during gym class it'll be chilling in the park. But I still have no clue what the bday girl will be wearing.. dillemas..
Anyways, being bright & light today, white, mint etc. And I looovve poffy shorts so this was definitely a good purchase, I'm so happy with it.

shorts Zara, tank H&M trend, blouse thrifted Turnover


i do like you

I actually didn't plan on making outfitpics today but whatever, we made pics anyway. It was a sweet day but the sun really needs to go do some serious shining, it's freakin' June by now!
And I want to buy too many things as always but this week some shopping/topshop ordering oeh can't wait to hold some of those cuties I already spotted in my hands.
I'm really H&M today btw! Just realized it but heeyy who cares H&M's nice.
Now I'm off to the last play, the final one, friends & family coming over, so excitedd wish me luck!

tee vintage, top as a skirt ichi, little bow necklace, oxfords, jacket H&M
sotd: because I do-pearl & the puppets



look for the lion

Follow my blog with bloglovin´! (does anyone know how to put an image or something that you can click on to follow and not this weird link?)

Damnit, bummer, we didn't win the festival.. the winning group was a group of people from the theatre acadamy! So unfair! But hey, as life goes on I'm still busy and doing my play tomorrow and Monday eve. Did find time to do a little outfit piccing though and maybe even some school work (or not.. heheh).
And my dad is on a 'secret mission' now.. what would this have to do with the 17th of June coming up.. whoohoooo!

jumpsuit River Island, sandals H&M, bangles H&M/Bijenkorf, scarf vintage


check 'em out my loves

These two jumpsuits are just.. plain perfection. Both by River Island and purchased in Amsterdam today, where I was with my bf & mother. I can't wait to pair the grey one with sandals, bangles.. it can be accesoirized all kinds of ways which is goood. The right one is, ofcourse, my big luuuv since it is marine striped and that garuantees much wearing. I also bought a cute white short at Zara (you'll see later).
On my birthday (ohh just 5 days!) or the day after I'll do a bigass Topshop order, together with bf, we were planning on doing big shopping in Amsterdam today but turned out to buy not thát much. I am satisfied though, my goals were shorts and playsuits so I held onto my plan; this is big for me. It was needed too because high summer's just around the corner! But, money's left for Topshop now and he's gonna know it..

This weekend is crazy: tomorrow we'll do the play at the Amateur Theater festival, sunday the whole play, and monday evening the last performance. Will be busy for almost the entire weekend so not so much blogging, but hey I love what I'm gonna do and I'll keep you guys satisfied with some inspiration pics or so the next few days. And maybe a tiny outfit pic between the first and the second act? Who knows haha. Have great days!


see that rose girl

I kinda cut my own fringes this morning. They were starting to get too long and I don't have time to see the haircutter so I grabbed my scissors and there I go, haha. You don't really see it- I hope that's a good thing. And here, my circle scarf, homemade! First it was a random pashmina, I cut off the fringes and sewed the ends together, very simple. I hope to get better on the sewing machine soon and make good friends with him so he makes me a bunch of cute skirts.. hmm.

tee vintage, floral belt Invito, shoes converse, jeans gstar, circle scarf DIY


U to the SELESS

So, I've been tagged my Ultimate Fashion Lover and I have to write 20 uninteresting facts about myself. That's not very hard, I think I could make a list like this with over 200 points haha but here I go:
1. I hate physics, chemistry and maths.
2. One of my best guy-friends is named Matthijs, and for his birthday, Laura and I made him this tee.
3. I'm very afraid of getting old, wrinkled and most of all: boring.
4. I get the best outfit ideas in the late afternoon, when rumbling through the house, everyone's closet and trying to avoid homework.
5. I love drama, acting, doing plays etc. The play I'm in is (among other) being performed at the Amateur Theater Festival in Utrecht, saturday at 15.00.
6. One of the best birthday presents I will be getting this year is Gossip Girl coming back on the TV.
7. I loooove to windsurf. I did it two summers in Italy and it's just.. amazing.
8. After school, I want to live in Paris.
9. When I found out that the light pink KURTIS brogues from Topshop were no longer on the site, I sent them this letter:
Dear, dear Topshop.
Could you please, PLEASE tell me what happened to the KURTIS flat brogues in the light pink color, categorized in Shoes, Smart flat shoes? A few days ago, they were still on the site. Now, they're competely gone. Only the yellow and light blue ones are left. But I was incredibly in love with the pink ones! I thought they'd look so stunning with the Foil dot sweater (in Tops, hoodies & sweats) and a denim legging! I LOVED THEM, and I was planning on ordering them on my birthday, the 17th of June, among with some other stuff. You can check this on my blog, which I'll send with this e-mail. Dear Topshop, I love your stuff, but can you please tell me that this has been a terrible nightmare, and that my beloved lace-ups are still in the collection, that there has just been an internet error or something? Can you please say this and be able to send me a pair of them? Ofcourse I'll just pay the full price but please tell me they're still in stock- or I'm afraid I'm gonna have to commit suicide.
Thank you for your attention.
Eva ***, a 15-year old student from Utrecht, Holland. http://mylittleblitch.blogspot.com/
10. I used to collect bathtime ducks.
11. I like to laugh, especially about very bad jokes.
12. I think surfing Topshop is a very good afternoon spending.
13. Though I like to smell nice, I think owning lots of fragrances is silly. You can only wear one at a time, and I prefer having a 'signature smell' - a good one ofcourse.
With this said, you'd think that I'd also say this about shoes- you can only wear one pair at a time, so 3 or 4 pairs should be enough. But that would be a silly idea.
14. One of my best friends, J, can sing very good. When I open my throat, something like a mix between a whale and a crow comes out.
15. When I write a post for Blitch, I sometimes use Google Translate to find a good word to say something.
16. I think I have a DIY addiction. When I didn't make, remake, re-invent of cut something in several pieces for one week, I get phenonema: concentrating issues, nervously surfing on the web for new ideas, not being able to take a look at my closet because I WANT something new.
17. Whitney has always been the nicest girl in The Hills. Audrina is okay too, but Justin is just .. so .. gross.
18. The marine look is one of the best fashion inventions ever. I don't know why, I have this unstoppable love for it.
19. I feel the most comfortable in an oversized sweater-
and here's a fashion confession: sometimes, when my feet are cold, I wear.. UGGs.
And I love to wear them.
20. My little brother is 12 and I lovelovelove him because.. well I don't need a reason for that.
Hope these were useless enough (oh btw, I tag treasurecase and holdinyourbreath). See you later!


me neither- i'll kill her

Casualing up my sequin dress today with a long cardigan and kneehighs- and my dearest friend made a little drawing of me today, she is so talented!
And stay tuned for a succes (well.. yeah sort of a succes) story of my first sewing adventure everr.

dress, kneehighs, shoes H&M, cardigan Zara, parrot brooch vintage
sotd: i'll kill her-soko


le marin

Being a marine man today. I´m fond of marine stripes and the blue, white, mixed with some gold kinda thing. In the last picture I played a little with the shadows so the picture gets less lighter, the white stripes stand out even more and the picture gets a kinda dark atmosphere: it gives me a bit weird, strange feeling. And I look so small in the pictures! IRL I'm kind of an average length so not that tiny as I look here haha.
I'm now off to the sewing machine my grandma's leaving here for lots of DIY-ing (grandma, if you read this, you're the bestt). And last but very not least:
so much thanks and love going out to everyone who leaves comments, places me in their links and to Delina for giving me my second award!

marine tee vintage, jeans DIY, necklace H&M, chain flats Topshop
sotd: love is noise-the verve


you came around, and you knocked me down

Wore this denim dress inside out today, the color on the inside is prettier in my opinion. With ripped leggings (on the right picture the holes where kind of shifted to over my knee haha, don't mind it). Had was a bleh day of working on schoool and tomorrow will probably be quite the same. I have to work work work, only 2/3 weeks left and than school's over! ME WANT.

Soooo craving for those Topshop items, I'll get to order after my birthday because I'll probably get some money and ofcourse I know where to spend that..

dnm dress ichi, random tee underneath, studded belt topshop, ripped leggings DIY