yes, my brother (who, not to forget, is the biggest hero in the world) kind of forgot the fact that a camera has functions! kind of easy to live without ISO or shutter (though I think it's half of the fun in shooting!), but it doesn't give that hell of a result haha. however, you can't escape my overthekneeboots (though they do escape my knees! they really fall in, it sucks) and i really loooooooooooove them + antwerp AA shorts = happiness on a platter, haha. oh yes and add some stripes (again!) always instant love. it's no accessory monday btw. (pure attention for garments)

shorts AA, shirt h&m, boots new look



godiegosh, so little time for my little blog! it keeps it very little indeed, haha. however, few posts always enlarges the risk of double posting certain items! so here my beloved chain flats, posted again, though i do definitely not wear them everyday or somehow. i do intent on, in the following weeks, with all this sun and stuff making loooots of more pictures because i have so many new stuff to show you guys! have a good sundayyyy

short topshop, tank/stockings h&m, cardigan vintage, chain flats topshop



i veryyy much adore this feathertop, it's very light pink, and today was SUCH a pretty sunny day! spring in 19 days people! (cheering here)

feather thing New Look, bangles Urban Outfitters, maillot h&m child dep., cdg New Oak blablablah? (unknown)



the little bit of sun shining right in your eyes made making pictures rather hard, but whatever! it's not about the picture (please forgive me), but about how much i love my AA shirt dress, and it's much. not to mention my overtheknees, who finally REALLY go over the knee (i can pull them even higher, but than they look like big tights).
and it's a beautiful daaaayyyyyy!
shirt dress AA, overtheknees New Look, chain flats Topshop, bracelet New Look (not visible! in the bag! such a shame because it's so cuteee. but you can check it out in BELGIUM)