As you all know, I am fond of marine stripe, and on my train trip through Holland I picked up this overbleached, damaged and studded short in the Bershka sale. It's perfect in its kind I think. Perfect for hot days, and for South Africa where I'm going in 5 days! The holidays here at home are great too, just some going to the city, meeting friends (though so many people are out of town) and chilling alot. Don't want this to ever end, haha.
AND TODAY, for the first time, credits to my lovely photographer: my little brother, who very often snaps my pics and makes very beautiful ones! I am very happy to have a brother who handles the camera so well and THANK YOU my dear!
tshirt H&M trend, short bershka


oh lately it's so quiet

Pictures from last week! Lots of laughing & love with bf! I'll post more pictures of the week later, on these I am wearing my (actually I think it's my favourite) h&m trend mint tank. They're not really fashion/outfit ones, it's just grabbing something and no thoughts out there, so careless - but look at the environment! Sooo beautiful, even more when you're there yourself.
Click for music and I see you later (not leaving anymore this week, haha)!



Never given this skirt with Delfts blue flowers much wear, but pairing it with a tank and some rockchick-additions seems like the right way to do it. I suddenly really felt like this dark look-kinda thing, even did some sort of smokey eyes.. me is not the biggest make-upfreak, but it's about the feeling, right?
Very much sorry for the absence for another week, I am not leaving you or anything, it's just all kinds of trips and holiday celebrations. Last week was training through the country, and now I am going away again for six days! I'll be back on Saturday with loads of pics. Love!
skirt + tank + chain necklace used as a belt H&M, studded belt Topshop, shoes van Haren


i'm starting with the man in the mirror, i'm asking him to change his ways

Remember the great legend with blog titles? What else can I do, I love the song.. weird that in another situation (when he wasn't dead for instance ..) I would not pay so much attention to his music, but when a person dies, suddenly everyone sees the sunny side. And his music is great so I found out..
My fringe has grown to another haircut, which is great so now it hasn't got that annoying 'inbetween-length' anymore. I am leaving sunday eve for another week away, this time with 2 of my girls to travel trough Holland and visit cities (Rotterdam, Maastricht, Amsterdam) and not to mention SHOP!
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ignorance is bliss

Wuw, I haven't blogged for a time! My holidays are amazing though, having such a great time. Life gets so great when freedom comes around. Now only left to hope for some of my best friends to have passed this year.
Pictures of today with a plastic rain poncho, we don't like our dress to get wet right? ;)
tunic topshop, lilac tank h&m, shoes van Haren
(neon green party band I am keeping it on for beautiful memories)



Now some 'real' outfit pics- I have always loved this skirt from the very first moment I saw it, and when I bumped into it like one week ago I couldnt resist and tried it on. Me knows me, when I try it on there IS no way back.. but I do not regret, haha. I am probably on the water right now- enjoy yourselves!
skirt H&M trend, sheer T h&m, fringe sandals van Haren, ring vintage