I''ll be in Zeeland till Sunday. Enjoy your holidays!



Bought this dress yesterday, love it so much. Actually it should be worn with lots of sun but I hope to realize that soon ;)

dress H&M, pumps cheapstore, hairpin H&M


some piano pics from this piano concert I went to with my parents. they had two wing piano's over there, and I just liked the shape of them so I made some photos


look for the girl with the broken smile

Do you know the feeling that you saw a garment, a shirt, jacket, some shoes.. and you just can´t stop thinking about it, and you just knów you won´t rest until you own it?
That's what I had with this skirt. Bought it finally today!

My party yesterday was so cozy. I haven't had much sleep but that was totally worth it. This morning I went shopping with my mum and she paid pretty much everything for me, among other this skirt and an amazing bikini.

I kept this outfit a little simple, no real accessoirizing (just the little blue lucky band I got from a really sweet person this week).

skirt H&M, top H&M trend, cardigan H&M, nude stocking bijenkorf, pumps cheap store.


eight days a week

Okay don't mind the sheep. It looks better than my head on this picture.

Found this shirt at a vintage shop today. It's so funny to pay only 4 euros for something that with a band around it suddenly turns into a dress.

shirt vintage, leather jacket Bijenkorf, maillot Primark, bag Bijenkorf, necklace H&M, shoes converse


a seven nation army couldn't hold me back

Oooh I can't wait for this weekend (and HOLIDAYS) to begin!

Friday eve I have the birthday party of my dearest girlfriendy and saturday I'm probably going to the city to get a few of my urgent needs and this beeeeest skirt ever I spotted today at H&M!

And monday 27th me & my friend J are going to Zeeland!

Don't mind the people on bikes but we're going to this holiday park and I love that little-village-idea. Hoping for lots of sun and we're defenitely going make thousands of pictures out theree.

skirt Deux Pieces, tank H&M, cardigan H&M, leopard necklace Bijenkorf, stocking Bijenkorf, shoes Divino


take up the pace and step on it

Today was the birthday of my bf! It was a fun day, I took my camera and made pictures during school (I'm not on one of them but that doesn't matter haha). She got suuuch cool big orange sunglasses.

Yesterday afternoon, I killed one of my grandma's old watches and made this necklace out of it.

skirt H&M, tunic ?somewhere in Sicily, necklace self-made, blazer H&M, maillot Primark, shoes River Island



very urgent needs.

Oohh I really need all of this!
My blazer came in yesterday and I feel like wearing colorful floral stuff under it. Tunics & top by topshop.
Oversized shirt (men's dep.) and oversized white tee where I'm gonna iron a Vogue cover on by H&M, just as the chain bracelet and both sandals.
And at last a studded belt, this one by topshop.
Enjoy your sunday!



tunic H&M, longsleeve WE, gilet Soaked in Luxury, skinny gstar, shoes converse, necklaces H&M, Bijenkorf


Gosh, I typed a long story and than it all dissapeared! :O
The picture is waaay to dark, I tried to fix it a little on Picasa, this was the best result.
This dress used to be a skirt from mom, but I added a band and I like it this way. Tomorrow I'll start earlier with making outfit pictures! ;D
dress mexx, band ichi, cardigan H&M, stocking (nude) bijenkorf, boots Jonak


polythene pam

This skirt's been hanging around in my closet for months but never really knew a way to wear it I was satisfied with. Today with lots of sun shining I finally got the right inspiration. I think getting dressed should go on instinct at the first place, so that you really feel good in what you´re wearing.

skirt H&M, V-neck AA, belt French Connection, shoes H&M, ribbon bf's


if I fell in love with you would you promise to be truee

Having a total crush on those H&M sandals.. just got to have them.




Well, that makes you think about what to surf now. This way, I landed on the site of C&A, a Dutch warehouse and found out that the tunics are quite cute there:

Those would look nice under a short black blazer. And all under 15 euros. It's no topshop but it can persue, right?

ooooooh heaven is a place on earth

oldskool love.


color of the blossom

How I spent my first Easter day.

top H&M trend, camisole as a skirt H&M, cardigan Zara, stocking mum's, shoes H&M, ribbon bf's

Starting to get a little mad about this camisole-as-a-skirt thing! Almost beginning to dislike pants, which is quite a big thing for me (like one or two years ago I only wore skirts or dresses once a month or something).

Today was a beautiful day, again. Met up with bf, watched Kung Fu Panda (that movie is just the best) and pretended to be celebrating the return of mr Christ.

Bubble blower and bf.

Okay sorry for showing of with my girl but I just wanted to show, heheh.

she's wearing: dress Kling, leather jacket (borrowed from me) Bijenkorf, stocking Hema, shoes Topshop

And, at last:


the day of today

Not such a special outfit, just grabbed something out of my closet this morning. Day of sitting in the sun, meeting up with a friend, reading ELLE and watching The City (I've always liked Whitney the most!)
This top from Dolce & Gabanna is quite difficult to match in outfits, I'm always quite afraid that it gets a little too hoochy and I hate that. This I think, could be worn.

I'm planning on buying a short black blazer. It's actually something everyone could use, so it's time I get one myself too ;D

top, Dolce&Gabanna, cardigan Topshop, camisole as a skirt H&M, stocking Primark, shoes H&M, little white pearl bracelets (not very well shown on picture) Ellegirl.


happiness is a warm gun

It's soooo sunny and over 20 degrees Celcius. I totally love the backside of this panty:

blouse Topshop, camisole as a skirt H&M, belt H&M child dep., stocking somewhere in London, pumps cheap local store

Can't wait for those endless summer times with friends in the park.. Spring break in a few weeks, but for now we gotta be satisfied with the Easter weekend. Enjoy your spare time!

apple art


carry that bag

So sorry for the lack of updates the last days. I was busy and too late with trying to make pictures of outfits so the lighting kinda sucked heheh.

Tomorrow I'll make it up to you, but for now some bag candy:

Karl Lagerfeld felt sorry for ladies who were looking in their bag for lipstick. Well let's make it easy for them, huh?


we were one cell in the sea in the beginning

It's so funny when people ask where you got your sweater from, and you can say 'it's from my mum but she gave it to me'. It's purple by the way, on the picture it seems a little bit more blue.
I forgot to take a detail shot of my necklace and the light is way too bad now, but it's a little headphone and a radio with little colored diamonds on both. I'll take a good picture later.

oversized sweater (once mum's), camisole H&M, jeanslegging Topshop, boots Jonak, necklace Bijenkorf


said the minnow to the trout

dress Topshop, camisole H&M, cardigan H&M, stocking Bijenkorf, socks V&D, shoes H&M

spring, maybe?

I smell sun in the air.


just a little late

lovely Rita

How I love V&D Prijzencurcus, heheh. Sephora; 3 for 10 euros! Got this foundation powder, kohl pencil and lipstick. The lipstick gives this very nice subtile pink glow;

all Sephora, ofcourse



all my troubles seemed so faaar away.

Wore: shirt H&M trend, jeans + converse


cuz I'm cristopher columbus

It's so sunny and bright this week and everyday it gets warmer, it's so good because when it's cold outside you have to be sure your clothes are warm enough if you don't want a cold, when it's hot you don't have to think about anything when you get dressed.

I love elephants, today basic outfit but with elephant detail which I luuuuuv

--jeans only, tee American Apparel, cardigan Zara, kablesocks H&M child dept, chain flats Topshop, necklace grandma's, watch grandma's, bracelet someone on Ellegirl, black hairband (not shown on picture) H&M.