My last post on this big, large, huge, enormous, immense, incredibly unmeasurable bulky computer. Last Thursday was my birthday. Though in the middle of testweek, we still managed to create an inbetween-coffeepause with an iced latte at Brandmeesters. At night I invited some friends, and we had delicioussss wok food. (it's practically fastfood, but I LOVE wok to go, haha)
Some pictures of my sofa (kind of turned into my bed: I fell asleep while learning all the time, and got a little used to it haha) with my big bday gift: a laptop! Also shown on the pictures; iPod docking system pigstyle! Laura and I got it for our sweet 16 party. Has become a necessity of life and VIP guest to yet-to-plan parties; within a radius of 10km you can still hear the music, my neighbours love it! cough
And yes. I like pink.

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Nemesis zei

Haha gaaf zeg, zullen je buren zeker leuk vinden! ;p

Dodo zei

Leuke foto's! En nog happy b-day! :)