On one of the less terribly hot nights, with a patch on each arm, I went outside wearing this simple outfit yet very me. Vaccinations against typhoid flowing through my veins and so excited about going to China in 5 days- our 13-hour flight leaves on Saturday- I completely neglected you guys. Seriously- why does in the summer every day passes like it's an hour or something? Not that I'm complaining. Some rest, space and time for myself was exactly what I needed, but I found that out only when I got it haha! Ofcourse we did celebrate the world championship final last sunday. It doesn't really matter that we didn't win (properly) to me, it's such joy when everyone is wearing the same color (even though it's extremely ugly) and cheers at eachother.
Now I'm gonna enjoy SATC season 3- I downloaded it and it's good quality! Wonder what I've done do get myself this karma.

dress AA, anchor ring River Island, other rings/stockings/stringbowthing H&M, shoes little shop in Canterbury, England

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leuke outfit, en je tekstje is echt geweldig!!

Dorien zei

Leuke outfit, veel plezier in China, één van de plekken waar ik zelf nog eens supergraag heen wil :) !

MH2M zei

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minnja zei

oh this is a fabulous look.

Great blog and I follow you now via google. It would make me make, if you like to follow me, too !?



azo zei

that's how time is relative