Job and Bob looking total Dutch in their Cambridge tshirts

Our guide at the King's Chapel - I felt he deserved a picture, haha. We also visited the Evensong from the King's Choir- total angels voices
James caught enjoying some Bits (his very own haha) way in front of the Ashmolian museum, Cambridge

Typical London street image

This MUST look remarkable, if you have had any cultural education. This Oxford college garden is seen in Harry Potter 4, the scene where Malfidus is being transformed into a ferret!

Demonstration against the use of animals for science in Oxford. This man was looking so dead angry at me after he saw me photographing him- I better utilize it, otherwise this near-dead experience has all been for nothing

In Oxford, there was this ceremony going on for the graduates of this year! Quite impressive, all these gowns at 30C haha

Yellow jackets are really a big thing right now in England! You see it eeeeverywhere. Don't these people look just overexcited wearing them?

In the Sutton morninglight with our host mom! - with littlepittle eyes due to way to little sleep for three nights haha

In London was this sick streetdance act going on! Amaaaaazing dancers

Aaahhhh our trip to England was amazing! We visited Oxford, Cambridge and London. Those universities were lovely. Such a mindblowing atmosphere.. you immediately consider working a little bit harder at school, haha. We slept at a host family, which was kind of terrible seen the space we got four the four of us (about 2 square ft haha), but I really loved diving in another society just like that. Our host mom was a darling! All the English people we talked to said we Dutchies speak excellent English, so funny to hear. I'd looove to go to college for a year in England somewhere (alone the Starbucks everywhere already pulls me).
Ofcourse I did some diehard shopping over there (needed another bag on the way back). I'll show my new catches to you sooon!
And atm I'm enjoying freedom, youth and my friends more than ever. On the 17th of July I'm going to China, so excitedddddd!

3 opmerkingen:

Dodo zei

Leuke foto's! Londen is altijd geweldig!! Daarnaast zeggen ze van de nederlanders dat ze redelijk engels spreken (wat we ook wel doen) maar aangezien ze ook franse mensen in gast families hebben zijn we idd een heel stuk beter haha. Maar over ons nederlands-engels accent zeg ik maar even niets haha.

Seks zei

Ik geniet ook erg van mijn vrienden!


Sarah zei

Ziet er super uit!!
Haha echt grappig, volgens mij zit jij op toneel met een vriendin van mijn zusje (Bernadette). Ik zag een filmpje op Hyves verschijnen ;)!
Je woont ook in Utrecht (of omgeving) toch?