Pictures are made in a very dusty soccerfield near my house! I won this little pistol on the fair one year ago, haha. I've had it on a necklace for some time, and when I was craving for some fashionology jewelry the other night (yeah one of the loads of nights I was doing this actually), suddenly this pistol shoot through my mind! Ha-haaaaaaaa

sweater AA, pistol necklace DIY, legging h&m, shoes converse

P.S. yeahhhh check me out being all orange/footballfan/enthusiastic/musical! Which I'm not (all the four of them). I've been terrorised with this disgusting orange horn thing for over 5 days now. I really feel the tendency to flush it down the toilet by now. Too bad but it doesnt fit.

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Sjaar zei

Hahaha soms ben je ineens crea en actief! Ik heb die trui ook same color.

Fashiable zei

geweldige trui en ketting! en die laatste foto is heel leuk haha!

Celeste zei

zelfs het simpelste staat je goed :)

Anny Dolls zei

leuke outfit!


Prachtige kleur trui! Staat je er goed! Leuke foto's ook :)