yes, my brother (who, not to forget, is the biggest hero in the world) kind of forgot the fact that a camera has functions! kind of easy to live without ISO or shutter (though I think it's half of the fun in shooting!), but it doesn't give that hell of a result haha. however, you can't escape my overthekneeboots (though they do escape my knees! they really fall in, it sucks) and i really loooooooooooove them + antwerp AA shorts = happiness on a platter, haha. oh yes and add some stripes (again!) always instant love. it's no accessory monday btw. (pure attention for garments)

shorts AA, shirt h&m, boots new look

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Fashiable zei

super mooi gecombineerd!!

Suz zei

leuk! mooie laarzen


love the outfit!! i'm following